What is SeriCha?

Sericha is India’s first Mulberry leaf tea, created with a unique blend of natural flavours and hand-picked from our own organic farms.

The Sericha range is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, perfect for those looking for delicious and uplifting tea to compliment their healthy lifestyle.

Why Mulberry?

Mulberry consists of natural ingredients that are known to control blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other lifestyle conditions like hypertension and weight loss.

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I first saw Sericha at the Trust Pharma store at the Bangalore Club nearly 2 years
ago. While I dont have diabetes, it made me feel good by having it after breakfast
and lunch. My colleague and other visitors started having it and subsequently I
have recommended it to many friends and family who have diabetes or are
The new green apple flavour seems popular with some people while I still stick
with the original one. As an alternating drink with green tea, I find Sericha an
easy way to maintain one’s weight and sugar levels along with other good
stuff like exercise and diet.”

M Rajagopal – Bangalore, India

Thank you for creating Seri-Cha. I am very conscious of the quality of the products I eat and
drink, and always try to find healthy but tasty options. Your tea fits these criteria particularly
well. I love its pure taste and it doesn’t even need sugar. In addition seri Cha helps me enjoy
a moment of peace in a busy day.
Best wishes

Maia Rchn – London, UK

I am diabetic. My doctor has prescribed Glycomet-GP 1 when it started and Glycomet SR
later. I take one tablet. I drink one cup Sericha on waking up and one cup in the evening
after my walk for 8 months. I have been feeling very good & also there was significant
change in my HbA1c level over the continual use of Sericha.

Manjula D.G – Bangalore

A woman aged 70 had hypertension since 4 years. She was under Amlodipin 5mg once a day
and Atenolol 50mg once a day. After starting Sericha and regular walking and pranayama,
the BP reduced gradually and now she is only on Amlodipin 5mg daily. She has stopped
Atenolol completely and the BP is now normal with only Amoldipin.

Dr. S. R . Sudarshan – Bangalore

It gives me great pleasure to summarize my experience and submit my report on sericha. I
am 57 yrs of age and taking Diabetic medication since 15 years. I was informed about
Sericha by my husband and decided to try for a period of 15 days without any change in my
diet and lifestyle. I used Sericha once in the morning and evening. The reading on Day 1 was
150mg on empty stomach and 200mg 2 hours after breakfast. After 15 days of use of Sericha
twice a day, I took the reading with same Glucometer. I was pleasantly surprised to note the
reading now is 100mg fasting and 150mg PP. I also notice improvement in general wellbeing.
I am confident it can be very beneficial as a regular substitute for my normal tea for my
continued wellbeing. I am happy to recommend this product to some of my other diabetic
friends, they too should benefit from regular use of Sericha.

V. Gopalaswamy – Bangalore

I had bought Sericha Mulberry Drink sachets green apple for my mother. She is diabetic and I
see that this product has turned very useful for her.

Jyoti Goud

Love the Sericha Mulberry Green tea. I chose the green apple flavor and it’s a tasty and
healthy way to lose weight.

Deepak Rajinikanth – Bangalore